The 'occasional table' course 

The 'occasional table' course provides two full days of woodworking in which you are taught a range of skills that will equip you to successfully tackle most of the woodwork projects you would like to do at home. The photographs below show some of the skills and processes taught on the course. The photographs are of various 'students' working, few of whom had any previous experience of woodwork. Those that had, had very little experience.


How to mark up accurately to +/- 0.1 mm!
Marking up accurate shoulder lines..
Marking up tenons using a mortice guage...
...and a marking guage
Using a dovetail saw to accurately remove waste from the tenon.
Using a chisel to 'pair' accurately..
..and to 'chop' the mortice.
How to remove waste without damaging the mortice.
Measuring the depth...
and the completed joint!
The remaining three mortice and tenons are cut using a 'morticer' and bandsaws.
.. and the two mortice and tenoned constructions are held in place with two dowelled and scan fitted rails (week 2) to form the completed frame below.
Cutting mitres for top using a chop saw.
Marking positions for biscuits using a template.
Finishing biscuit marking up.
Cutting cavities for biscuits using a biscuit jointer.
Completed biscuit cavities.
Clamping up glued and biscuit jointed table top components using a band clamp.
Countersunlk, screwed and glued strengthening plates in position.
Planing mitred frame for display cavity.
Pinning base of display cavity prior to pinning and glueing it to frame above.
Planing display base flush to frame.
Prepared cross halving display dividers prior to fitting.
Finishing touches..
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