The 'spice unit' course 

The 'spice unit' course provides two mornings of woodworking in which you are taught a range of skills that will equip you to successfully tackle most of the woodwork projects you would like to do at home. The photographs below show some of the skills and processes taught on the course.


Marking up using an engineers trysquare.

Measuring to 0.1mm accuracy.
Completing marking up of spice rack side pieces.
Scoring marked up lines.
Using a marking guage to score joint depth.
Sawing accurately.
Chiselling lap joint.
Chiselling housing joint.
Cleaning up housing.
Checking fit prior to gluing up.
Week 2. Using band saw to cut drawer lap joints.
Planing glued up drawer carcass prior to attaching bottom.
Pin and gluing plywood drawer bottom (pin punching heads below surface.)
Pinning and gluing tongue and groove back panel to spice rack frame.
Planing back panel flush to frame.
Sanding drawer sides to fit drawer cavity.
Attaching drawer knob
Cutting decorative drawer moulding to length using a mitre saw.
Checking fit of mouldings on drawer.
Attaching mouldings to top of spice rack.
Checking drawer fit.
The finished product!
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