Coffee Table course

Time: 18 hours - two consecutive Saturdays

On this course you will make the coffee table illustrated below:

You will be taught how to:

  • select and prepare timber;
  • correctly use a range of measuring and marking up tools;
  • saw, chisel and plane to high levels of accuracy and tolerance;
  • cut mortice and tenon,halving and mitre joints;
  • biscuit joint;
  • pin and glue components together;
  • use a simple doweling jig to dowel-joint components together;
  • pre-drill, screw and glue components together;
  • glue and cramp-up jointed components;
  • use knock down fittings to assemble components;
  • sand and finish components.
  • apply a variety of different finishes to your coffee table once you have got it home.

For photographs of most of the skills covered see Coffee Table under 'Course skills photos tab'

Cost: £240.00

Times: Two consecutive Saturdays : 8.45-17:15 (Wk.1), 8.45-18:15 (Wk.2)

                                                                                                                 (Please bring a packed lunch)

Availability: Three spaces per course for each of the dates below -

                                                      (B=space booked, A=space available)

2017 / 2018


  • 18th/25th November  [BBB]
  • 6th/13th January        [BBA]
  • 17th/24th February    [AAA]
  • 17th/24th March         [AAA]
  • 14th/21st  April           [AAA]
  • 12th/19th May             [AAA]
  • 9th/16th June             [AAA]

                                                                             (Updated 18/10/2017)

What you will take away from the course:

  • An understanding of basic woodworking gained from seventeen hours of enjoyable, forgiving, hands on experience.
  • An awareness of what to buy in the way of necessary woodworking tools.
  • Your completed coffee table! (You will be provided with the acrylic cover for the display compartment.)

"I just wanted to write to say thank you so much for the wonderful tuition and guidance you gave on the course the last two weekends. I absolutely loved every part of the course, and have learned so much that i can't wait to put into practice. One of the best parts was the fact that we used so many techniques and got a flavour of such a variety of tools - I now have much more confidence to take on new projects that I definitely didn't have before. And combined with the great atmosphere you created made it so inducive to learn more!

I have been out today to get some bits and pieces to varnish the table and its first coat is on. I will send through some pictures once it is finished and in use."

(Jack Ambler - October 2015)

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