Display Box course


To be replaced with a 'Pre Electric Router' Vintage Hand Tool course                         

Time - 6 hours - Sunday Afternoon

On this course you will make the display box below (dried flowers not supplied). Covered with an acrylic 'window', the box measures 200x200x30 and comes with a brass hanger which will enable you to hang it on a wall with a single plaster pin.


You will be taught how to:

  • correctly use basic measuring and marking up tools
  • work to a high level of accuracy including interference fitting the box dividers and working to 'square'
  • saw and chisel
  • cut lap joints, mitre joints and cross halving joints
  • pin and glue components together
  • pilot drill, clearance drill, countersink and screw components together
  • plane to a fine finish
  • sand finish the mitres on the front of the product

For photos of skills taught go to Display Box Skills tab.

Cost: £78.00

Times: Sunday afternoon, 13:00 - 19:00

Availability:Three spaces per course for each of the Sunday dates below

(B=space booked, A=space available);


2017 / 2018


To be replaced with a 'Pre Electric Router' Vintage Hand Tool course                         (Updated 13/6/2017)

What you will take away from the course:

  • a taste of woodworking gained from 6 hours of enjoyable, forgiving, hands on experience.
  • a capacity to measure, cut and plane wood very accurately and to a fine finish.
  • a wide range of woodworking skills you can apply to your own projects.
  • Your completed display box. (You will be provided with the acrylic 'glass' window.)

"I would thoroughly recommend one of these courses to anyone who might have

even a passing interest in either learning from scratch, or improving their skills

with working with wood.

The workshop is very well organised and equipped, and Ian is a very gracious,

capable and good-humoured teacher, who is clearly very knowledgable and has

great passion for his craft. All the techniques involved are clearly demonstrated

and well-explained and the students are given whatever patient, helpful guidance,

tips and encouragement they might need as they work on their own pieces,

learning new skills or improving on what they already know as they do so.

I had a very pleasant and enjoyable Sunday afternoon, and came away with not

just a nicely finished display box, but useful new knowledge. Great stuff all round."

(Alastair Nicholson - March 2016)


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