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I have been teaching design and make courses for 36 years and, until I retired, taught A level Product Design as head of a high achieving and creative department. I am passionate about the subject I teach and I hope that, through my courses, adults who have not had an opportunity to study a related subject at school, or have experienced woodwork briefly in their education, will get a taste of the enormous enjoyment and satisfaction woodwork can give.


The venue


The weekend courses are held in my well equipped  workshop which I built specially for the purpose. This follows my retirement from the post of Head of Design at Woodhouse Sixth Form College which is where the courses used to be taught.


The woodworking courses


The courses are based in Bounds Green, North London, and will introduce you to a range of basic skills that will enable you to tackle woodworking jobs around the home. Hopefully they will also inspire you to tackle your own projects. All the courses are suitable for beginners.

You will be taught in a well-equipped workshop with three work stations but everything you will learn will be transferable to a portable workbench and an affordable range of basic tools.


The skills will be taught with an expectation that you have little or no previous knowledge of woodworking and will be introduced gradually as you progress through the manufacture of a product that you will complete by the end of your chosen course and take away with you.

This YouTube Video (taken at the old venue for the courses) that will give you an idea of what they are like.



Safety when woodworking is of paramount importance and any process that has any risk associated with it will be carefully taught with this in mind so that you remain safe throughout the time you are in the workshop. You will be provided with the relevant safety equipment for all processes that need it.



The cost of the courses range from sixty-nine to two hundred and forty five pounds including the cost of all the materials you will need. I hope you will feel that the learning experience and the quality of the product you will take away with you make the course you decide to choose good value for money.


What is it like being on a course?


I hope that all the courses I run are fun as well as informative. The time allocated to the three lengths of courses will give you plenty of time to complete your project but I keep a stock of prepared components in case of mishaps! 'supportive and focused' is probably an accurate description of the atmosphere. For a video of a course held in the, old, college venue see the link above.


Places are limited so that all course members work at their own woodwork bench, have ready access to the tools and equipment they will need over the weekend and can receive individual attention when they need it. No finish will be applied to the products during the courses but I'm happy to advise you how this can be done if you want to apply a finish at home.


The Student's View.......

"Thanks so much for these really satisfying and enjoyable courses. I learned a great deal, and have been put right on some important techniques. I have already been asked to quote to make a couple of simple pieces of furniture, and your courses have given me the confidence to go ahead with these items. The friendly and lighthearted atmosphere was a pleasure. Not to forget the biscuits..."

(Gareth Winters)


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